Fourth Annual Civilized Century

Sunday, August 7th, 2022

The Ride

Want to enjoy the pinnacle of cycling goals but without the hassles. Perhaps the Civilized Century is for you! Psst - a "Century" is 100 miles.

  • No ugly start times. Ride out at 8am or later!
  • No hills, hills, and more hills. It's pretty much flat-ish!
  • No time gates. There's 13 hours of daylight but 10 ought to do it.
  • No long, early morning drive or expensive hotel stay. It's local!
  • No rain. It never rains in California or so the song says.
  • No wind. Well that, we cannot promise.
  • No huge registration fee - it's a "paltry" $40.

The course offers scenic views of the Peninsula Bay Area, a jaunt across Dumbarton Bridge, loop around Facebook/Meta campus, and a few hidden trails. Designed for safety, the South Bay section is clockwise to minimize left turns. And an overall portion of the course is trail, bike lane, or low car traffic.

Register to Ride  Really sold out!

Event T-Shirt

Ordered T-shirts (and a few extras) available post-ride at the packet pickup/check-in site.