Training Tips and Inspiration


Ride a Century on a Budget:


The Civilized Century is a Tour, not a race. However we like to acknowledge exceptional feats.

Year Rider Rolling Time
2022 Photo of Aldrin 'Buzz' Dionisio Aldrin "Buzz" Dionisio 5:39
2021 Photo of Giulio Gratta Giulio Gratta 6:24
2020 Photo of Giulio Gratta Giulio Gratta 6:01

Training Tips

Here are some preparation and execution (no pun intended) tips for those embarking on their first Century. Yay! Let’s keep it simple.

Spend some time in the weeks prior building up your mileage and becoming acquainted with your equipment. If you are able to ride 60 miles the week before the event without your derriere and shoulders causing major discomfort, you are ready. The main thing is knowing how your body will react and solving any discomfort issues. You not only want to finish the ride – you don’t want the ride to finish you.

Pace yourself. Find someone riding along at your pace and pal together. Forget the hares – turtle along. Moderate pace and steady.

“Pee first, yak second” – minimize time in the rest-stops. Plan to get in and out in ten minutes which of course will turn into fifteen. And remember A.B.E. – Always Be Eating. Your body will thank you towards the end. Plus - drink so you can do the pee thing.

That’s it! – Eat, Drink, Pace Yourself, and Move with a Purpose. Oh, and smell the roses and enjoy the views. And if there are no pictures, it didn't happen!