South Course - 35 or 60 Miles

Choose one of four routes at packet pickup – 35, 60, 75, or 100 miles

35-mile Route

is a great “beginner” ride with interesting sights along the way such as the Bridge To Nowhere, Facebook/Meta's campus, and views from the Dumbarton Bridge. The turnaround rest-stop is at the Don Edwards Visitor Center where you can rest then head back to the finish along mostly the same route.

60-mile Route

is a scenic circumnavigation of the entire South Bay. Continuing from the Visitors Center rest-stop, journey south through a dozen cities, explore more interesting sights and trails, and recharge at two more rest-stops. After the BBQ meal at the end of your ride, tell your friends you did a century – they won’t know it’s metric.

Expect small stretches of yummy gravel on all routes. ROUTES FINALIZE AUG 2nd

Printed cue sheets are provided at packet pickup.

35-mile route: cue sheet   map

60-mile route: cue sheet   map

Group of riders resting at a rest stop
The Dumbarton rest-stop


8am - 10am: Pick up your bib and start your adventure

1pm-ish: Start serving gluten-free mini-meal with veggie option

8pm: The Sexennial Civilized Century closes. Post your pics!

eBike Policy: Pedal assisted (class 1/3) eBikes are okay. Throttle assisted (Class 2) are NOT allowed on any rides.

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