Route Options

Choose one of four routes during registration – 35, 60, 75, and 100 miles.

The 35 mile route is a great “beginner” ride with interesting sights along the way such as Facebook and views from Dumbarton bridge.

The 60 mile route takes the rider on a scenic circumnavigation of the entire South Bay. Tell your friends you did a Century – they won’t know it’s metric.

The 75 mile route is the Lil Engine That Could route. The mind is willing to do the 100 but the body has other plans. See how you feel at the Dumbarton stop – turn back for 75 miles or go for the gusto.

The 100 mile route is a grand view of all the Peninsula and South Bay has to offer. Riders are taken past San Francisco airport to Bisbane Lagoon. Then return and join the 60 mile route for a circumnavigation of the South Bay. It’s a long way and a long day but pain is temporary, pride is forever.

Expect 1,400 feet of gravel each way near Bridge To Nowhere Detour - all routes. Route maps are now final!

Route Navigation

Multiple ways to stay on course!

Or follow the herd – there will be ride leaders for the 35, 60, and 100 mile routes. Ride leader's start times:

Riders may roll out on their own at any time – all riders must be on the course by noon!

Recommended start time for 100 milers is no later than 9 am. Registration opens at 8 am.

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