Group Riding

This is “group riding”. Please give cyclists around you adequate space especially when passing. Announce your intentions – shout out “stopping”, “car back”, “on your left”, “mechanical”, etc., as the case may be rather than the surprise jamming on your brakes. Etiquette is to pass on the left so slower riders should ride on the right. Above all – mind your surroundings and announce your intentions.

Route Arrows

The course is marked with burnt orange-red painted arrows Route arrows consisting of the letter 'R' with an arrow indicating the direction the rider should go. All routes are marked with the same arrow. Our arrows are a distinctive “R” for Redwood Shores.


There are many ways to navigate around the course. Easiest of course is to follow someone so can blame them for any wrong turns. It is an open course. If you do follow someone, make sure that rider is participating in the event rather than someone out for a ride. Rider will probably be freaked out with someone stalking them.

Second option is the old-fashioned printed cue sheet. A cue clip is provided in your rider packet to attached the folded cue sheet to your handle bars. Best if you have a simple bike computer that shows distance. Just remember to reset the trip distance to zero as your roll through the arch mugging for the camera. Then the distance on your computer will match up with the distances on the cue sheet.

Third is, a smartphone navigation app that gives turn-by-turn directions. Data service is required. The app is not free. But downloads to your own spiffy GPS gadget are free. If you elect to use the app for navigation, the final routes should be available by Friday evening before the Event. In the app, search for 2024, then DOWNLOAD the appropriate route. Example – CivilizedCentury2024-100. The route will then be available in the offline tab. Tap Navigate to start the adventure. PLEASE do this prior to Event check-in. Our volunteers will not be able to assist you.

Fourth option is Glympse. It is kinda like Find My Friends. Can be a battery hog so recommend a fully charged battery if on for the duration of the event. Or only turn on when you get separated from your group. Data service is also required for this smartphone app.

Rider Leaders

We are not likely to have Ride Leaders this year. Your founder however will be leading a moderately paced Director’s version of the full Century. There will be plenty of detours for some extra sights.

Approximate roll out time will be 8:15am.

Road Construction and Detours

Road construction is a fact of life in the Bay Area and may pop up at any time. Please check Saturday day before the event that you have this year’s route (2024) and it is the latest when downloading.


Pictures can be posted to our gallery directly from your phone for all to enjoy. Remember - if there are no pics, it didn’t happen! Advisory – posted pics may be used to help promote future Civilized Century events.